Monday, July 13, 2009

Let me just tell you how my day began. It started with a late night return from seeing the girls this weekend who are still in south texas for a summer visit. So, naturally I was unorganized and only wanting to go to bed and think about all the laundry I would have to do tomorrow. And Chase had to work in Decatur today, which is about an hour and a half away. So, he heads off to work about the time I am getting in the shower. I get dressed, have some coffee WITH tiramisu creamer instead of the fat-free stuff and after getting my lunch ready I start out the door. Wait! I can't find my jeep keys! Looking, looking, looking.....Oh CRAP! They are in the glove compartment of Chase's truck! And he is probably almost to Decatur by now! Luckily, I have a wonderful friend, Jamie, who has a wonderful husband who graciously got out of bed to come get me and take me to work. You might be thinking that this was the worst part of my day but really it wasn't. Nope. The hits just keep on comin. I call my sweet husband to tell him I made it to work because he called me three times just to check on my status in the 10 minute ride from home to work. While talking to him on my phone in the hall, my boss walks by me. I smile, she blinks and keeps on walking. I go to the locker room to change into my scrubs. And I realize then that in my jeep is my bag with my badge, gear and most importantly, my ever-so-stylish printed scrub hat. So I have to wear a generic, disposable hat. About six people asked me if I was sick or feeling bad today which means that I look like crap. And I get stuck doing cases with the O.R.'s least favorite surgeon. Everyone's little quirks wore me out! To top it off, I am on call for surgery and I don't have a vehicle if I get called back in!

So, now after complaining about my day so much I want to share with you what got me throught the day. More texts. I could make a whole blog on just what great text messages I get from my sweet family.

First from the sweet husband:

him: Hows ur day. Glad i got u a car (he borrowed a truck for me from another paramedic that was working a 24 at the hospital where I work)

me: Kinda sux. Hard going from having everyone together all weekend 2 going home alone tonight. But tomorrow's ur birthday and thats exciting

him: Im sorry 4 leavin u 2 nite

me: O its ok. Had 2 b done. And i am glad u were able 2 work today instead of yesterday.

him: I know luv

him: I want 2 hear ur voice

of course I called him right away...

Now for the offspring...

girls: I love you so much i love you alot

me: I love you so so so much and i miss you

girls: No i miss you more and sorry i mjssed your mejg i love you (I am typing it as they do)

me: You girls are so stinkin cute

girls: No your cute

So there you have it. Get's me through the day. And makes it all worthwhile.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is just an example of an average work day when I am at work and Chase is upstairs in the hospital and working on the helicopter. Here are a couple of our texts:

me: I am about to scrub in so will be out of pocket. Hope you have a good day and i luv u.

him: K i luv u. We r gonna go burn some gas. They gave 2 much. I luv u my beautiful

me: Awww i feel much better after our talk the other night. Be safe. U r my life.

him: Ok my luv. U my forever

We have these kind of exchanges every day. I love it. I was having a low-self-esteem day a couple of days ago and feeling really insecure about things. Mostly my age...I am older than him by 3 years and without sounding too vain I get insecure about it at times. I never thought I would be the girl who was concerned with aging but I suddenly am. And honestly it makes me really sad. But I have a wonderful husband who loves every wrinkle.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today was July 4th and Chase and I couldn't spend it together because he was working on the helicopter (he is a paramedic for and air-ambulance service). We had big plans to sit on the roof of the hospital where the helicopter lives right now and watch fireworks and eat dinner together but duty called for him and he didn't get back from saving lives until after 10pm so I settled for just having a very late dinner in the office so he could finish his charting. He walked me out to the jeep afterwards and we made out a little bit in the car as I drove him back around to the closest door. I really dig how he smells after he's had to go out on a call. He calls it "jet fuel" smell and it probably is but he just smells good to me. And I love how his hair that's usually styled up spiky in the front is laying down because he's had to wear his helmet. Somehow it makes him look more like a husband and less like a hottie. Let me re-phrase, he looks more like a hot husband and less like just a hottie and that just does something for me. And tonight he was freshly tan from spending the day at the lake with me yesterday. Beautiful man. I feel so lucky!