Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is just an example of an average work day when I am at work and Chase is upstairs in the hospital and working on the helicopter. Here are a couple of our texts:

me: I am about to scrub in so will be out of pocket. Hope you have a good day and i luv u.

him: K i luv u. We r gonna go burn some gas. They gave 2 much. I luv u my beautiful

me: Awww i feel much better after our talk the other night. Be safe. U r my life.

him: Ok my luv. U my forever

We have these kind of exchanges every day. I love it. I was having a low-self-esteem day a couple of days ago and feeling really insecure about things. Mostly my age...I am older than him by 3 years and without sounding too vain I get insecure about it at times. I never thought I would be the girl who was concerned with aging but I suddenly am. And honestly it makes me really sad. But I have a wonderful husband who loves every wrinkle.

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