Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today was July 4th and Chase and I couldn't spend it together because he was working on the helicopter (he is a paramedic for and air-ambulance service). We had big plans to sit on the roof of the hospital where the helicopter lives right now and watch fireworks and eat dinner together but duty called for him and he didn't get back from saving lives until after 10pm so I settled for just having a very late dinner in the office so he could finish his charting. He walked me out to the jeep afterwards and we made out a little bit in the car as I drove him back around to the closest door. I really dig how he smells after he's had to go out on a call. He calls it "jet fuel" smell and it probably is but he just smells good to me. And I love how his hair that's usually styled up spiky in the front is laying down because he's had to wear his helmet. Somehow it makes him look more like a husband and less like a hottie. Let me re-phrase, he looks more like a hot husband and less like just a hottie and that just does something for me. And tonight he was freshly tan from spending the day at the lake with me yesterday. Beautiful man. I feel so lucky!

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