Monday, September 14, 2009

Autumn, again

Last week during a family trip to Wal-Mart, I excused myself from my brood in front of the deli and went to the ladies room. When I returned, I could tell that trouble was brewing. Bailee and Autumn were both looking at me and pointing at each other and I could tell that Chase was already "over it" and was directing his attention to the meat counter. ("over it" in our house means that you've had enough, btw). Immediately the girls are verbally stumbling over each other to tell me that "Autumn said the a-word" and "No, I didn't BAILEE!" Shake it, stir it, mix and repeat for the remainder of our time in the store. So I finally said "let's just drop it; its one's word against another and I am sure that if Autumn said a bad word then she certainly would not make things worse by lying to me about it". End of story. Or so I thought....

After saying prayers (which she raps and ends each session with "word" and throws gang symbols), Autumn confesses. "Mommy, I might have accidently, not-on-purpose said the a-word at Wal-Mart." Upon further investigation I learned that she had not only said the a-word but also smacked Chase on the bottom in the middle of the deli while saying the word in question. My weary reply to her was something like "thank you for being honest with me" and I am certain that the word "inappropriate" was mentioned a few times. Bailee uses that word frequently when talking about her younger sister. Like the time she questioned the way Autumn rapped her prayers, ending with "word". I simply explained that God made her little sister and therefore knew better than either of us what kind of little person she is and he probably appreciates the joy she takes in her prayers. And furthermore, how more appropriate can you get when praying than to end it with "word"? God IS the Word! The Word is Truth! So I am certain that my inappropriate child is as close to God as they come!


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