Wednesday, September 2, 2009


You probably think that I am going to write about how the fall season is coming on and you can almost smell it in the air....but I'm not. I'm going to write about my crazy, fun, can't-help-but-speak-her-mind child, Autumn aka Autie.

So Tuesday was opening day of dove season and I married a hunter. We still had dove in the freezer from last year and since it is some kind of tradition (???) to eat what you kill the first day, he wanted to clean out and cook up what we had on hand. Which meant Monday night the girls and I had to eat dove for the first time. I myself am a little nervous about how this is going to turn out because Chase is a little sensitive about his cooking and Autie is a little in-sensitive about her opinions of food. Chase, being the ever-so-patient man that he is, knows this and attempts to prepare her for the food she is about to receive. It goes like this...

"Girls, tonight you are going to eat DOVE! That I SHOT!!" Chase says triumphantly.

"You shot the chocolate??" Autie says confused and slightly bewildered.

There you have it.

BUT she did eat the dove (not the chocolate kind) AND she asked for seconds! Success!

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