Monday, October 12, 2009

mom's brag book

Weird day today...just blah most of the day. Prolly the miserable weather. I am soooo tired of all the rain!

Highlights of my day...getting the girls out of the car to notice that Bailee had her lunch bag with her. Usually if they are going to bring their lunch I have them make it the night before because mornings are just waaaayyy too crazy, what with all the "whatamigonna wear drama" and "do i really have to eat that for breakfast" and the reruns of Saved by the Bell that Chase got them addicted to. Don't laugh. OK, laugh. But my nutrition conscious health nut kid took the initiative to pack her own lunch this morning! Autumn, of course, goes to school hoping all day she's gonna get chicken fingers, pizza, mac-n-cheese, or, HARK! all of the above?? Once she even ate breakfast at home AND at school!

Second highlight...really sweet note left on the counter this morning from Autie. I will quote for full effect:

"hi mom I really what to see (with a backwards s) you. When you come home and I am there I what to snugl with you. Autumn"

Hope she makes a good grade on her spelling test tomorrow!

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