Monday, October 26, 2009


You know October is breast cancer awareness month and I just want to take this opportunity to appreciate some of the extraordinary women in my life. So here's to the women who helped (are still helping me) become a woman.

(in memory of) Lillie Belle Cain--my great-grandmother--greatest Christian woman I have ever known and will probably ever know. I miss her hands and her deep laugh. She taught me to sing to my babies and how to enjoy the plenty's that the earth gives us.

(in memory of) Dorothy Prosser Crowe--my grandmother--she rode stunt horses in p.t.barnum's circus before it was barnum & bailey's in California. She taught me that life is too short not to enjoy yourself. And it is because of her that I know what a house full of children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles and cousins sound like at Christmas.

Deborah Darlene Crowe--my mom--she taught me what it meant to overcome your circumstances and accomplish what everyone says you'll never be able to. She taught me that things won't always be handed to me and I would appreciate my accomplishments more because of it. She taught me to hold my head up and be proud of myself.

Diane Marie Bandel--a childhood friends mother--taught me how to act like a lady. She taught me that rules keep children safe. And by raising her son the way she did, she taught me what to look for in a husband. (I finally got it right this time, Dee).

Annette Watters--a Fredericksburg co-worker--she made me love that I am a woman and that God created this body beautifully with the ability to bring little miracles into this world. She taught me childbirth is a beautiful thing and something to be embraced and treasured--not endured with suffering.

Megan Lee Jackson--a very close friend and young mother--that strength comes from within. She also taught me that good things CAN happen to good, deserving people. And she taught me to embrace my amazing husband by embracing her husband and being a positive influence for every couple they come into contact with.

Jamie Brawner--a very good friend--she taught me to just be upfront and honest from the get-go! She also taught me by example that God will never give us more than we can bear. She is showing me how to be-friend my children and to laugh loud and hard at their quirks.

Tammy Miller Jones--my crazy friend--taught me how to have fun again. And she had a hand in introducing me to my husband so that's a bonus.

Regina Sweetin--friend and co-worker--just be you and she had a major roll in introducing me to Chase.

Joy Daniel--my BFF--what it really means to have a sister, and to be a sister.

(in memory of) Sheila Anne Schriewer--my mother-in-law--because I wouldn't be the woman I am today without my husband's constant support and encouragement.

Last but definitely not least--my two little girls. They remind me every day that it's not about me. They are the future. They tell me I am pretty and have taught me what unconditional love is. And at least right now, they think I am the coolest.

I am so thankful for these women and the diversity of them all and I love each and every one. My life wouldn't be as sweet without each and every one of them. So this month when you see the pink ribbons, think about the amazing women in your life. And let them know how you feel.

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  1. I mistakenly left off my aunt Helen Elizabeth Hunt. She is more like a sister and a friend than my aunt. She taught me how to change diapers (she even used cloth ones on her kids) and she is the first person I remember painting my fingernails. She taught me to believe in your kids even if you aren't sure what the outcome is going to be. She also taught me that the best gift you can give your children is to love your spouse.