Saturday, January 16, 2010

oh, boy! oh, boy!

So I have even more concrete evidence that we are having a little boy. Friday morning we took a test called Intelligender that professes to over 90% accuracy in the lab and 82% in real-life, human error testing. It very clearly said that our baby is, in fact, a boy. But the weirdest part is what happened in the couple of hours leading up to the test-taking.

I felt nauseated Thursday night, so Chase talked me into taking a phenergan and going to bed. So I did. I only woke up once to potty (usually I wake up AT LEAST 4 times) and I was able to fall quickly back asleep. In those 3-4 hours before my alarm went off I had another dream. In this dream I went to our bathroom at our house, took the intelligender test and sat it on the counter to return in 10 minutes and it was an olive green color with particulate floating in it (the test medium, I presume) and matched the color of the strip that says "boy" to a T. If it had been a girl it would have matched the orange strip on the opposite side of the test bottle. Now I have never seen this test used before. I don't know anyone who has used it who could describe what it looks like to me. There are a couple of pictures on the website that show the different variations in color (the boys range from green to brown, girls yellow to orange). So at 4:30 when my alarm went off I jumped up to take the test, got back in bed and waited for the 10 minutes to pass. I went into the bathroom halfway expecting it to say "girl" just to prove all of my superstitions wrong. But it didn't. It looked EXACTLY how it looked in my dream. Spitting image. So I smiled and told Chase (who was, of course, up and waiting the 10 minutes with me) that it says "boy". He said "does it really?" I told him yep and he looked at Andy, our dog who was laying on the floor next to the bed, "Andy, we hit a home run buddy!" And we just smiled and cuddled and laughed.

I hope our son grows up to be just like his daddy.


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