Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's weekend started out a little dismal with about 9 inches of snow falling all day Thursday until after midnight into Friday morning. I didn't have to go to work and we took advantage of having the day together as a family and did some Valentine's day shopping. I got a new comforter/bedding for our bedroom which is very romantic and I LOVE it! I picked out new decorations to go with it on Saturday, which topped it off. Then we all went to dinner at Luna Azul, which was fabulous, except that Chase said the margaritas were really good and I couldn't partake. We saw the movie Valentine's Day and while it wasn't my favorite movie, it did succeed in getting me in the mood for V-Day.

Saturday Chase had to work so the girls and I had a girlie day complete with mani-pedi's, new clothes for all of us and baked a red velvet cake with chocolate cream cheese icing died the perfect shade of chocolatey-pink.

Today the love of my life came home with the most perfect card and made all of us girls pink heart-shaped pancakes with the topping of our choice (mine had blackberries) with a side of bacon (that was for Eli/Avery). We spent the day cozy at home with the kiddos until our sitter came and we went to a very romantic Italian dinner where I got to basically wet my lips with a tiny taste of some very good wine and ate lots of very, very good pasta. We sat right next to each other and cuddled and talked and not once did we have to argue with anyone about whether or not they could order chicken strips...AGAIN...for dinner or tell anyone to sit still on their bottom or not to fight with their sister. It was relaxing and perfect.

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