Sunday, March 28, 2010

My body has been taken over!

OK, so today I have been a little bit melancholy (Bailee loves that word) about the massive changes in my body with this pregnancy. I first of all do not remember being this huge this early with either of the girls and I definately do not remember being this HUNGRY with the girls. I guess those boys start eating you out of house and home in the embryonic stage! So I am getting big and gaining more weight than I thought I would have at this point and it is depressing. What's more depressing is that I am nearly pasty white (for me) and my handsome husband is all brown and trim from all of his honey-do's that keep him running around like the energizer bunny. Speaking of the energizer bunny, I think that's exactly what's in my uterus because this kid is ACTIVE!! And I do love feeling every little twitch. I have to say that he already has me very much wrapped around his hungry little finger and I am already in love with him. So I decided to list some things about this total body transformation that I am thankful for instead of harbouring on the negative.

1. My boobs are huge. Which my husband thinks is awesome, but more importantly I hope that it means that I will have no issues producing enough milk to feed my little man.

2. My wedding ring still fits. I love my wedding ring. I can't tell you how emotionally attached I am to it. I want to keep it on my sausage finger as long as possible.

3. My pre-pregnancy jeans still fit...with a fantastic elastic button configuration that they sell at motherhood maternity.

4. I am actually craving healthy stuff like lots of fruits and vegetables.

5. My belly bump is pretty cute in the right light and editing. :)

6. The bigger I get, the bigger my son is getting.

7. My husband tells me I am beautiful all the time. Which really helps. Honestly.

8. Summer is almost here and I can wear my flowy dresses and flip flops that I love so much.

9. I will deliver at the end of summer which gives me all fall, winter and spring to get back in shape before swimsuit season.

10. This is my last baby so I WILL enjoy it. And for now rubbing my ever-growing tum is the next best thing to holding the little guy.


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