Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The magic of breastmilk

While Chase and I were driving home from a lunch date in McKinney today, we were discussing the magical powers of breastmilk. We discovered it was more than just nutritional for our son when he was only a couple of weeks old and developed a clogged tear duct. My friend told me to squirt some breastmilk in it and it would clear it right up. And to our amazement, it did!! So since then we have been making little jokes about how powerful my breastmilk is. I'll give you an example:

me "what if I gave Andy (our dog) breastmilk and he started talking!"

him "what if you gave him breastmilk and he started running really fast!"

So today I was thinking about my wilting, on botanical hospice, hydrangeas and I said "what if I put breastmilk on the hydrangeas and tomorrow they were huge and blossoming?!" Chase says, "if that's the case we are going to add it to fertilizer and sell it and make millions!" I said, "oh great! I'll be the only 90 year old woman still hooked up to this pump expressing breatmilk!!"

We had a good laugh. Hope you did too.


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